Dani is a voracious writer, public speaker, deep thinker, mother of three, and keeper of a blossoming community garden in north Minneapolis. Formerly a home next door that was taken by a tornado, the garden is a space where everyone is welcome.
In this episode, we join Dani around her dining room table for a tasty and carefully prepared meal. While we eat, Dani shares her passion for self-exploration, journaling, and the life lessons she hopes to pass along to her children.


[00:05] Dani talks about loving food and how it brings people together
[06:00] Dani talks about the blank page and how she has a passion for journaling
[08:30] Truth, perceived truth, understanding and other topics inspire Dani to journal
[12:12] How being told she has “great potential” had negative consequences
[13:40] Dani’s book of obituaries
[15:50] On going to Haiti & her love of travel
[19:30] Learning about community gardens & the space that was a house but taken by a tornado
[21:21] On the demographics of her community & how it relates to a community garden
[23:00] About living in the “why” not the “how”


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