Is goal-setting and self-improvement important to you?
Have you ever wanted a better education but money has held you back?
Was there a time you felt completely free?

Then you are Pablo.


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[4:00] About today’s story setting in La Pila
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[6:45] Beginning audio clips from volunteers in La Pila
[8:10] Pablo begins his story
[8:40] Pablo explains why he doesn’t ride a motorcycle anymore
[9:40] “It was amazing.” What life was like growing up in La Pila
[10:55] Pablo explains why he left La Pila at 13-years-old
[12:05] Hopes to get a visa and travel to the US
[13:15] On setting goals in life
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[foreign language [00:00:10] We are in La Pila. We are seeing people who are sick, or maybe they need, or want a prayer. We are here to help them. We have maybe one hundred people from La Pila.

[foreign language [00:00:43] Today what we’re doing is, we’re registering all of the members of this community. We’re registering, recording their height, weight, any medical conditions that they have, so we can have a baseline so we can follow for the future.

Thank you. (silence)

My name is Pablo. I’m from here, from La Pila. I’m 19 years old. Basically, the main language of here on La Pila, it’s Kaqchikel. It’s main language. My father have a motorcycle, but me, no.


No, I don’t have it. Actually, the last year, I was having an accident with my motorcycle. With the father motorcycle. That is why I decide never have one. The weather, it was bad. I was going to the [foreign language [00:02:57] for something. That is some sheet of paper for my brother, that is studying. I was driving. However, when I was driving, I see that there in the road it was some stones that I never see here. After that I don’t remember anymore because I was … I crash. That is why no more motorcycle for me, and no more motorcycle for my life. Yeah.

It was amazing. It was really good. When I was younger, I can tell you that I was running every noon. I was running where … Just playing. I was free, to be honest. I was free because we are enjoying every single time of our lives, with my friends. Yeah, it was really, really wonderful, to be honest. We have a field, a football field there on the forest, where we was playing every single noon. That was the only thing that I was enjoying when I was a child.

Here, the people here are very respectful, as I have mentioned before. They help, even we don’t know who is the person, if we see that the person need help, we are helpful. We are fully helpful here. We have a very, very beautiful culture. Capital city, it’s amazing. If you can go, I commend you to go.

I left here when I was 13. When I was 17 I came back here, and I was working here with my father. In the field, in the farm. Basically, I left here from my town because I was wishing to study, but I didn’t have the possibility. It’s about the money. That’s the most common issue that we have here.

It’s a kind of scholarship that I get from an organization that is Sisters of Mary. That organization helped me out to finish my study during those four years with them. Learn many things there, like welding, baking, and tailoring. I was learning many things there about religion also, and electricity also. My friends now, they are out of the town. They are working. Some of them, they are on the United States. One of them, she already get married, like me. I already get married. I just got married the last year ago.

I think I was waiting for the opportunity to travel to United States. I was hope to get my visa and travel there, work, and continue my studies. After that I come back here if I can. Also to grow up as a person. That’s basically my plan. For my daughter, I hope that she can continue her studies. She can be, I don’t know, what she really wants to be. Like a doctor or … Anyway, I will be just with her when she is going to grow up, so I can go ahead and dealt with her, right? I’m with you, I’m your father, and I will be always with you. Helping you.

[foreign language [00:07:01] The glory of God is mindful of life. That’s because whenever … Me as a person, I’m always looking for more. If I have a goal, I will all make my effort here to get that goal finished. After that, if I don’t have any other goal, I can not go ahead and I will be kind of killed in that time. That is why, in this case, I always have a goal on my life, so in that way I always have life on me. Yeah, that’s what I say, what I think. That is because I have that phrase always in my mind. •